Embroidered pennant issued in the season 1956-1957 commemorating victory of the Italian League conquered in the previous season. Pennant has up left the scudetto with Italians flag colours which champion club can wear on theirs shirts. On the back pennant… Leggi tutto »FIORENTINA A.C.


This pennant comes from 30s and it has embroidered club’s crest in use at that time that despite to the club crest currently in use, doesn’t has the crown over the circle with letters M, C, and F. Pennant has… Leggi tutto »REAL MADRID


Like most of the pennants of the As Rome this has red and yellow halves with brass bar and golden cord and fringe. On the pennant name of the club an season is embroidered with gold thread. It is a… Leggi tutto »AS ROMA


This is one of the oldest pennant of my collection of the German team 1860 München. This pennant was probably presented to the opponent team in the occasion of a Bezirksliga Bayern league match. The Bezirksliga Bayern was the highest… Leggi tutto »MUNCHEN 1860


PENNANT DETAILS This is a very rare pennant of the retour match of 1955 – ’58 Inter Cities Fairs Cup presented by London F.A. (also known as London XI) to Barcelona. Pennant is 32 cm x44 cm, red and blue… Leggi tutto »LONDON XI


This kind of pennant has been presented in occasion of international matched which rossoneri played in the 50’s.It is 38 cm wide and 48 cm long gold bullion embroidered with white silk on to the back.AC MILAN was used to… Leggi tutto »A.C. MILAN


This is a stunning embroidered pennant hand signed by Pietro Rava left back FIFA world champion 1938 and 1936 Olympic summer games champion with the Italian national team. This pennant commemorates victory in the Italian championship as badge below the… Leggi tutto »JUVENTUS