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Embroidered pennant of the RIMET world cup match Italy vs Norway played on the 5th June 1938

This pennant that I consider one of the best of my collection was presented to some officials of the Norwegian team in occasion of the match played in 1938 for the RIMET World Cup won by Italy. Pennant has a stunning embroidery with details of the match embroidered in wire thread.
Above the wording the badge of the Italian football association with the “fascio” and Savoia shield that the AZZURRI had sewn on theirs shirts.
Pennant is of big measures (42×54 cm) with the Italian flag to the back.
I’ve never find any picture that shows the exchange of this pennant between captains before the match and this is the reason for why I think that pennant has been presented not before the match but just only in sign of friendship or manufactured for someone within the Italian federation.

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