Marco Cianfanelli

My name is Marco CIANFANELLI and I was born in ARICCIA a small town not far from ROME in 1966.

Since the teen-age I have been interested in pennants as they remembered me a football match or a victory of my preferred team or simply like a piece of my passion for all football is concerned.
At the very beginning, as most of new collectors, I picked up pennants without worth simply because I didn’t realized “importance” of  football memorabilia.
Later on, also thanks to my friends spread out all over the world, I have decided to increase quality of my collection and I have begun to get rare pennants until reaching an amount of 9500 pennants currently in my collection.
Last months, thanks also to the support of some friends, I have decide to build a web site on soccer pennants hoping that this initiative will help me in knowing more people interested in soccer pennants and in sharing experience and knowledge on them.
This website is in the memory of my beloved dad Andrea and my sister Anna who will always stay in my heart!