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Embroidered match pennant Holland vs Belgium played in 1935
Embroidered match pennant Holland vs Belgium played in 1935

Pennant presented to the captain of the Dutch national team in occasion of a friendly match played in 1935.

Pennant is in silk with lettering and the Belgium F.A. badge embroidered in gold bullion thread. It is a large pennant (it is around 40×50 cm) with some trace of the age (some fringes are missed and stuff is not in good condition).

Due to the fact that it comes from a swap on the pitch I can consider it one of the best pennant of my collection. I got it some months ago from a worker who spent same years as member of the staff of the Dutch F.A. training centre in ZEIST.

Hereunder are listed some figures of the match
Score 4-2 to Netherlands
Referee Mr Bert Fogg
Competition International
Venue Olympic Stadium AMSTERDAM
Attendance 33,000


Wim Lagendaal 37internazionale
Beb Bakhuys 75internazionale
Beb Bakhuys 80internazionale
Beb Bakhuys 85internazionale

Joseph van Beeck 16internazionale
Bernard Voorhoof 27internazionale


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