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ITALIAN PENNANTS (from 90s to 2000)

Italian teams have continued to use mainly printed pennants in this age. Generally printed pennants swapped by captains were without match details usually triangular in shape and only with the club crest and name of the club printed on. Siena only used to swap printed pennant with match details (see hereunder).
Beside most important Italian clubs swapped embroidered both in domestic and international matches. They were often triangular in shape with white background and with the Italian flag back of the pennants. Very different pennants from the jewels of the ‘40s and 60’s in which pennants where usually very large, mainly hand embroidered.
Currently in the Serie A only these teams use embroidered pennants: Juventus, Inter, Lazio, Fiorentina, Roma, Milan, Torino, Sampdoria. All other teams swap printed pennants except Udinese which swaps printed pennants in the domestic matches and fine embroidered pennants in the international matches (see pictures hereunder).
It is currently quite impossible to see before an Italian football match captains swap old style pennants!
Hereunder some pictures of the pennants of the Italians teams in use in the 80s.

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