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During 70s Italian teams preferred to present pennants of less quality in comparison to the other of last years which where always embroidered.
We can surely tell that this period was the era of printed pennants even if top Italian teams still used to present embroidered pennants with details of the match, club and wording of the team.
Hereunder some samples of this kind of pennants and of other embroidered usually swapped during the Italian league matches

Apart from embroidered ones as I told before during 70s there were a lot of printed pennants. These one were of very high quality nothing to compare with printed pennants that teams currently swap before the match. In my opinion best printed of this period were those manufactured by a factory of Florence which produced very nice units always in same style (tags, heavy brass, white back). These pennants nowadays are still one of the best wanted by serious collectors. Hereafter some samples of these pennants well known amongst the Italian collectors

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