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Italy has a great tradition on pennants as captains usually swap pennants before to start the match. This is an old habit that isn’t follows in other nations where pennants are mainly swapped in occasion of international matches.
Despite of this in Italy we can surely tell that teams has swapped pennants since to the first championship. At the very beginning pennants weren’t frequently swapped between captains and they were gifted to other clubs for special occasion (see picture below).


For sure all the Italian pennants of 30’s and 40’s were embroidered and manufactured with precious embroidered of different kind. As far as shape of pennants is concerned they were mainly triangular with club details embroidered and details of the match too (see picture hereunder).


Most of pennants of the 30’s were with “fascio littorio” badge which recognizes the fascist era. Apart from this some pennants where also with badge which was awarded to the winner of the Italian championship (see picture below)

A 30’s pennant of JUVENTUS signed by Pietro RAVA

In my opinion pennants of this period were a little jewels all hand embroidered nothing to compare with pennants that are currently swapped by Italians team.
It would be interesting knowing your opinion on pennants of this age and please leave a comment on GUESTBOOK section for a feedback on this article and for leaving your opinion on such a kind of pennants.
Next month I will issue another short  article on the Italian pennants of 50’s and 60’s.

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