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Stemma As Roma
Stemma Roma
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L’Associazione Sportiva Roma, meglio nota come AS Roma o più semplicemente Roma, è una società calcistica italiana con sede nella città di Roma.


Very nice printed pennant issued in the period of the fascism as shown in the club badge which has below the fascio littorio. Heavy brass pole, large size, golden fringe and white back. Pennant stuff is in satin.


Like most of the pennants of the As Rome this has red and yellow halves with brass bar and golden cord and fringe. On the pennant name of the club an season is embroidered with gold thread. It is a… Leggi tutto »AS ROMA


Stunning pennant hand embroidered of Roma AS. This pennant was probably presented before a friendly match played on the 3rd of September 1950 (the Sunday before the beginning of the Italian league). That season AS Roma plays in the Italian… Leggi tutto »ROMA A.S.


This is the pennant swapped before the match Vojvodina Novi Sad vs Roma. This match was for the inter cities fairs tournament in 1955. Pennant is a large one with all letters embroidered in gold thread with date of the… Leggi tutto »AS ROMA


Italian clubs pennants serie A, an overview of the most famous Italian football teams Associazione Sportiva Roma, commonly referred to as simply Roma, is a professional Italian football club based in Rome. Founded by a merger arranged by the Fascist… Leggi tutto »ROMA AS


During the 80s the Italian clubs continued to swap mainly printed pennants. Only best Italian teams in occasion of the international teams presented embroidered pennants. During this years it also started the habit of manufacturing souvenir pennants issued in the… Leggi tutto »ITALIAN PENNANTS (80s)